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Shyama Bengali Bhajan

Maa Tor Ranga Paye Amrik Singh Arora
Shyamal Baranee O Maa Shyama Amrik Singh Arora
Tribhubaner Adhishyari Amrik Singh Arora
Jai Maa Bhabani Ogo Narayani Amrik Singh Arora

Shyamasangeet – Amar Hate Kali Mukhe Kali

Shyama Maa Ki Amar Kalo. by Kumar Sanu.

Shayma Sangeet: Amae Aktu Jeyga Deo Maar Mandir Boshe

Bhebe Dekh Mon Keo Karo Noi -Pannalal Bhattacharjya

Mayer Paye Joba Hoye. Shyama Sangeet by Kumar Sanu.


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