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Video Jaya Kishori ji

Video of Jaya Kishori ji

Jaya Kishori bhajan videos are always great to see. She has a great appearance and a charming personality which can bring smile to peoples face and can make everyone lost in her sweet personality. Her popular bhajan such as Aaja manmohan, vitthala vitthala etc.

Jaya Kishoriji Bhajan
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Jhaado De de Shyam

Main hoon Chori Haryane ki

Oh Mummy Karde tu taiyar

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Shish gang shiv Bhajan by Jaya Kishori

Sat shrishti by Jaya Kishori

Nagendra Haray shiv Bhajan by Jaya Kishori

Tan Jeeman Ko Chatto Se Baba (Original) | Jaya Kishori

Tera Dekh Choorma Ka Thaal (Original) | Jaya Kishori

Duniya Ko Nachaanewale Tumhe Nachaa Denge (Original) | Jaya Kishori

Baba Ke Mele Mein (Original) | Jaya Kishori

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