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Bhajan is a sacred form of Indian devotional music. It is a very old form of music that dates back thousands of years. It has grown and evolved with the modern ages. The musical components of these bhajans have changed over the time.

Bhajans are used as a form of religious preachings, meditation, and worship. This is done to perform Puja and impress the almighty through the bhajans. There are vivid styles of bhajan in India. Some in its purest form while some has been distorted with the time.
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Bhajan compositions has both lyrical and rhythmic style. It can provide a relaxing solace in which listener can meditate and focus himsef in devotion of the god. Alternatively this form of music might be fast paced to encourage movement and dancing.

Most bhajans carries specific stories or teachings of historic saints or praise of almighty gods. A bhajan can be a very effective and powerful tool when connecting with a worship experience.

Hindi bhajan also known as Bhakti sangeet included Krishna Bhajan, Khatu shyam Bhajan, Nirgun Bhajan, Hanuman Bhajan, Ganesh Bhajan, Shiva Shankar Bhajan etc.

Hindi Bhajans are of different forms, like:
  • Dhrupad: poetry that is sung; often tells a story
  • Mantra: a simplistic, yet sacred speaking or phrase
  • Kriti – classical Indian music with complex instrumentation and composition
  • Kirtan: a more rhythmic praise chant, sometimes with elements of call and respondv

In the recent times, the quality of Hindi Bhajan has been deteriorated and that’s due to entry of some below par singers. Who just entered in to make some quick money with their poor singing but to ride on the emotion of Bhajan Lovers. Hindi Bhajan has some rich history but its now getting tougher to maintain its standard. This is due to the fact that every one likes to download free hindi bhajan, which makes it hard for the publishers to sell it.

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Some popular Bhajan Singer like Anup jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Hariharan, Hari Om Sharan, Sonu Nigam etc who brought our rich hindi bhajan to the forefront.

Some Popular Bhajans:

Ae Maalik Tere bande Hum,
Jag Mein Sundar hai Do naam,
Maiya Mori Main Nahin Maakhan Khayo, etc

just can’t go away from our soul and we feel blessed to listen to these Bhajan.

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Download Free Hindi Bhajan of Popular Singers such as:

Jaya Kishori ji,

Sanjay Mittal,

Sanju Sharma,

Jai Shankar Chaudhary,

Shyam Agarwal,

Raju Mehra and

Vijay Soni.

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