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108 Lord Shiva names

108 Lord Shiva names

108 Lord Shiva names

Shree Shiva Ashtottara ShatanamavaliShiv Shankar ji ke 108 naam.

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 Om Ahirbhudnyaya namaha
 Om Ajaaya namaha
 Om Ambika nadhaya namaha
 Om Amdhakasura-sudanaya namaha
 Om Anaghaya namaha
 Om Anantaya namaha
 Om Anekat-maya namaha
 Om Anishwaraya namaha
 Om Apavarga-pradaya namaha
 Om Ashta-murthaye namaha
 Om Avya-graya namaha
 Om Avya-ktaya namaha
 Om Avya-yaya namaha
 Om Bhaganetrabhitre namaha
 Om Bhagavaye namaha
 Om Bhakta-vastalaya namaha
 Om Bhargaya namaha
 Om Bhasmo-dhulitha vigrahaya namaha
 Om Bhavaya namaha
 Om Bheemaya namaha
 Om Bhujanga-bhusha-naya namaha
 Om Bhuta-pataye namaha
 Om Charu-vikramaya namaha
 Om Dakshadwara-haraaya namaha
 Om Devaya namaha
 Om Digamba-raya namaha
 Om Durdharshaya namaha
 Om Gana-nadhaya namaha
 Om Ganga-dharaya namaha
 Om Giree-shaya namaha
 Om Giri-dhanvine namaha
 Om Giri-priyaaya namaha
 Om Girishaya namaha
 Om Haraya namaha
 Om Haraye namaha
 Om Havishe namaha
 Om Hiranya-retaya namaha
 Om Jagad-gurave namaha
 Om Jagadvayapine namaha
 Om Jata-dharaaya namaha
 Om Kaala-kalaya namaha
 Om Kailasa-vasine namaha
 Om Kaomarine namaha
 Om Kapaline namaha
 Om Kapardhine namaha
 Om Katoraya namaha
 Om Kavachine namaha
 Om Khanda-parashave namaha
 Om Khatvamgene namaha
 Om Kripa-nidhaye namaha
 Om Krutti-vasaya namaha
 Om Lalaa-takshaya namaha
 Om Maha-devaya namaha
 Om Mahasena-janakaya namaha
 Om Maheshwaraya namaha
 Om Mrudaya namaha
 Om Mruga-panine namaha
 Om Mrutyumjayaya namaha
 Om Nila-lohitaya namaha
 Om Pancha-vaktraya namaha
 Om Paramatmane namaha
 Om Parameshwaraya namaha
 Om Parashu-hastaya namaha
 Om Pashavimo-chakaya namaha
 Om Pashu-pataye namaha
 Om Pinaakine namaha
 Om Praja-pataye namaha
 Om Pramadha-dipaya namaha
 Om Pura-rataye namaha
 Om Pusha-damta-bhethre namaha
 Om Rudraya namaha
 Om Sada-shivaya namaha
 Om Saha-srakshaya namaha
 Om Saha-srapadave namaha
 Om Sama-priyaaya namaha
 Om Sarwagnyaya namaha
 Om Sarwamayaaya namaha
 Om Sasi-shekharaya namaha
 Om Satvikaya namaha
 Om Shambhave namaha
 Om Shankaraya namaha
 Om Sharwaya namaha
 Om Shashwataya namaha
 Om Shudha-vigrahaya namaha
 Om Shukshma-tanave namaha
 Om Shula-panine namaha
 Om Sipi-vistaya namaha
 Om Siti-kantaya namaha
 Om Siva-priyaya namaha
 Om SOma-suryagni-lochanaya namaha
 Om SOmaya namaha
 Om Srikantaya namaha
 Om Sthanane namaha
 Om Tarakaya namaha
 Om Traemurthaye namaha
 Om Trilokeshaya namaha
 Om Tripuran-takaya namaha
 Om Ugraya namaha
 Om Vama-devaya namaha
 Om Virabhadraya namaha
 Om Virupakshaya namaha
 Om Vishnu-vallabhaya namaha
 Om Vishveshwa-raya namaha
 Om Vrusha-bharudaya namaha
 Om Vrushankaya namaha
 Om VyOma-keshaya namaha
 Om Yagnya-mayaaya namaha
Om Shivaya namaha




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